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Steps to Becoming Foster Parents

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Becoming foster parents is such a rewarding and unique experience. You get the opportunity and chance to have an impact on the life of a child – something his or her birth parents could not have. If you are one of those who want to become foster parents, follow the steps below:

Becoming Foster Parents Step 1: Know what you need to become a foster parent
Inquire with a state or local agency that oversees fostering in your area. You may need to attend an orientation to have an overview and idea of the process. Some of the requirements you need to complete are:
• Completion of family home license application
• Background check
• Family stability
• Character references
• Personal interview
• Home inspection
• Certification pre-service training
• Minimum age

Becoming Foster Parents Step 2: Prepare
Preparation to becoming foster parents involves more than just preparing the requirements. Most importantly, you need to prepare your home and your life for the addition of a new child.

Becoming Foster Parents Step 3: Examine your budget
There are no requirements that are related to race, age, gender, preference, religion, etc. However, aspiring foster parents must be financially capable to support the entire family even with the addition of the foster child.

Becoming Foster Parents Step 4: Attend foster parenting classes
There are plenty of classes that train people to become foster parents. Most of these classes are free although they are available at specified schedules.

Becoming Foster Parents Step 5: Research about foster parent associations in your area
These associations can provide you with useful information and support that will surely help you perform better as a foster parent.

Becoming Foster Parents Step 6: Fill out the foster parent application from the agency
Applying to become a foster parent involves a lot of paperwork so be ready to fill out a lot of them.

Additional Tips to Becoming Foster Parents:
• When buying things for your foster child, it’s a good idea to shop at second hand stores. Anything you will buy for the child will not be reimbursed by the foster care system.
• Do not lose time for yourself. It is stressful to become a foster parent but make sure to not overstress yourself.
• Research as much as you can to get more information about becoming foster parents.
• Talk to your family, spouse, and friends about your idea. Their opinion will surely help a lot in your decision to become a foster parent.

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