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How Divorced Parents Can Reduce The Effect On Their Children

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Divorced parents can still be an important source of help and support in a child’s life, even though one of them may no longer live with the child. Divorce rates are continuing to increase, for a variety of reasons, so it is vital for society to find the best ways to provide help to any children who are caught up in the crossfire. The problems will be at their most serious in cases where there is serious fault on behalf of at least one of the parents, who may even have taken their problems out on the child.

There is a great deal of discussion about the increasing divorce rates, but it is really the circumstances in which a divorce occurs which will determine how children are affected. Obviously, the best circumstances in which a child can grow up are those where there is a settled marriage and a cohesive family unit. Failing that, a stable one parent unit can still offer the support which is needed, especially if there is help from outside. Grandparents, uncles and aunts can be a great help in providing some of the support which would have come from the missing partner.

The process of divorce itself can have a profound effect on the morale of children, especially if it is a long and drawn out process. The new laws which allow for a quick no fault divorce are going to save a lot of people from long drawn out divorces, and more importantly they are going to prevent a loot of unhappily married people from staying together unwillingly. There has been much speculation about the effects of divorce on children, and too little on the effects of parents staying together in bad marriages on children.

When people are forced to stay together against their will, this is sure to have a negative effect on the morale of any children living in the home, far in excess of the negative effects of a divorce. If the parents are separated, they may still be frustrated because the lack of a divorce may be preventing them from trying marriage again with a new partner. There are still many countries even today where a no fault divorce is not accepted in law.

The best thing that divorced parents can do for their children is to make sure the divorce is kept to the shortest possible time, and that it is dealt with in as civilized a manner as possible. More studies are needed into whether or not having parents go through a divorce affects the child’s own chances of forming a stable marriage, but it is likely that it does to some degree. If the divorce is bitter and full of resentment, it could well turn the child completely away from marriage. Great care needs to be taken by divorced parents.

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