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Knowing More about Child Custody

Are you interested in knowing about child custody? If so, then you have to read on as this article talks about child custody and everything you want and need to know about it. What is child custody? Child custody refers to the legal and practical relationship between a child and his or her parent who is given the right to care for and make decisions for the child. The need for child custody usually arises from incidents like annulments,...  Read more »

What To Consider Before Filing For Child Custody

Filing for child custody is something which ever increasing numbers of people are having to do, because there are more divorces than ever in an increasing population, and more cases where the fate of the children needs to be decided by a court. The court system has its own agenda for deciding on child custody and support issues, and has created what is in effect a giant industry around it. Both state and federal governments play a significant...  Read more »