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What are the Different Types of Divorce?

Divorce, also referred to as the marriage dissolution is the termination or marriage or cancellation of legal marital responsibilities and duties and dissolving the bonds of matrimony between two people who promised to love each other till death. There are different types of divorce. To know more about these, keep reading this article. Contested Divorce This type of divorce means that there are several issues required to be brought into...  Read more »

How Divorced Parents Can Reduce The Effect On Their Children

Divorced parents can still be an important source of help and support in a child’s life, even though one of them may no longer live with the child. Divorce rates are continuing to increase, for a variety of reasons, so it is vital for society to find the best ways to provide help to any children who are caught up in the crossfire. The problems will be at their most serious in cases where there is serious fault on behalf of at least...  Read more »